Excellence, Quality, Perfection and Management

Excellence, Quality, Perfection and Management, these are just a few of the words that have been applied to the illustrious career of mine.
In the span of a few years, I had made deep, fundamental, and amazing contributions to various areas of finance, research, and my life.
Originally from Bhaktapur, Nepal, I am an Assistant Professor and management faculty fellow at the Central Department of Management of Tribhuvan University. Additionally, I am also an advisor at Research Management Cell, Bagiswori College and Adarsha Azad College. Prior to this, I moved to China in 2009, after spending around five years at Jilin University (located in Changchun, China), I received my Ph.D. in Microfinance.
I have also published several works into both articles forms and on the Internet. I involved myself in various research works too. Not only that I have been there for the students to support them while in need, being as a friend.
In the spare time, I enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, often (but not always) in that order, and usually while being with my students and with my work

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